»A nimble, humorous but still knowledgeable analysis of our daily live with its digital confusions.«
Der Spiegel

In this intelligent, entertaining and unconventional book, Andre Wilkens analyses the present reality of our digital lives and the way the digital revolution may progress if it remains unchecked. He considers the effects on us people as well as on society as a whole. He asks questions, sketches future scenarios, and suggests solutions. He encourages us to think again.

Andre Wilkens spent the last 20 years in Brussels, London, Turin and Geneva, working for the EU, the UN and private foundations. He recently returned to Berlin, where he lives with his English-German family.

Analog is the new Organic at Facebook

Analog is the new Organic – an article by Andre Wilkens at Huffington Post

The book launch will take place at march the 24th, 19 p.m. at Scholz & Friends (Litfaß-Platz 1, 10178 Berlin). Entrance free.